Film Marketing 101: How to Build an Audience for Your Film

Video Hosting

You likely won’t need to worry about video hosting until reach post-production at the earliest. Eventually, though, you should choose where you’ll be uploading videos to allow them to be easily searchable, shareable, and embeddable. The two major platforms for this are Vimeo and YouTube and they have different advantages.

Vimeo is very independent filmmaker and videographer friendly and it always has been. It’s geared towards giving you a good looking experience of managing your videos. The community is smaller than YouTube’s but it’s more likely to be interested in your independent film. Vimeo also has Vimeo OTT a way for you to rent or sell your film directly to your audience.

YouTube[24] is much much bigger. You could get a much larger potential audience from YouTube and you may experience greater discoverability. At the same time your trailer, behind-the-scenes clip, or film is competing for attention on the platform with videos of cute goats doing weird things. In the end you may not have the results you want from that.

Paid Advertising

Social media is the free way to try and build your audience. The cost is time. That can only go so far both due to your own ability to commit time and the platforms own algorithms that decide who gets to see your content. So, sometimes you pay to get your work seen.

There are a lot of ways to advertise your film on digital platforms. In the end you should focus any paid advertising on encouraging people to take an action similar to what they are already doing on that platform.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ads tend to work best for raising awareness beyond your current audience. Get more people to see your trailer or poster and ask them to visit your site to learn more about the film is probably going to give you the best results on those platforms. Paying to boost an event, like a film festival screening, can also give you good results. You don’t have to invest a lot in these platforms to get some traction. A little can go a long way. Utilize the targeting of interests and demographic information to your advantage. You’re not just looking for people who are interested in film but people who might be interested in things that your film is about. Use the tools on these platforms to get their attention with paid post boosting.

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