Film Marketing 101: How to Build an Audience for Your Film

Beyond Social Media Advertising

Beyond your social media options you can often also pay to have a calendar listing shown more prominently on community calendars on local news websites. This can be helpful for promoting events around your film, if the audience for your film uses those sites.

When you’re trying to drive people to watch a film or attend a screening YouTube Ads can be particularly useful. Upload a trailer for your film, it doesn’t even have to be public, set it up on your YouTube channel as an unlisted video. Then on Google Ads set up your campaign using that video and target relevant regions and demographics. People are on YouTube to watch videos, so advertising another video to them could be an effective method of building the audience for your film, if you target the right people.

Resources on Social Media Advertising:

Submit to Film Festivals

Another great way to get your film seen is to get it in the film festival circuit! This is it’s own beast, so we’re not going to get into it here, but check out our list of film festival deadlines[26] with more information on this.


We focused on digital marketing in this post, but when it comes down to it, meeting and talking to people in real life, out in the big scary world, is one of your best tools for marketing your film. If you got into a film festival, go to it. Participate in Q&As. Attend other screenings. If your friend or someone else has a screening, go to that and talk about how great that film is. Go and be a person who people want to get to know and support in their projects. These people will follow you on social media, visit your website, and share your film with their friends and network.

In the end, the internet is a cacophony of people yearning for other people’s limited time and attention. Going out into the world and meeting people and talking to people is the best way to focus some of that time and attention on you and your film. Hosting/attending/participating in events is also something you can feature on your marketing channels. The real life space and the internet can feed each other.

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