Film Marketing 101: How to Build an Audience for Your Film

First among these branding concerns is the title of the film. Whatever you named the film should be a major part of how you name the accounts you create. That includes your website and any social media accounts. Name them after the film so that people looking for your film on those platforms can easily find it and so that people who stumble across your film can easily remember the name of the film when they go looking for it elsewhere.

The second consideration is your audience. Who do you think is going to like your film? What does a typical audience member for your film look like in terms of age, education level, and other interests? This will drive a lot of your choices about platforms to use for your marketing.

When setting up the accounts on various platforms described below, if graphics aren’t your thing, try services like Adobe Spark [4]or Canva[5] to help you with creating easy and affordable header images, profile images, and other graphics.

Don’t Forget Personal Branding  

As you think about digital marketing for your film, you should also think about digital marketing for yourself as a filmmaker! This will help you build your brand between films and thus drive people to your films. Plus, if the digital marketing for your film goes well, people will want to know who’s behind it—that’s you! We’re going to focus this guide on film marketing strategies, but a lot of the recommendations below are applicable to you, too. As you’re making a website and social profiles for your film, consider making them for yourself, too, if you haven’t already. Don’t be shy!

Making a Website for Your Film

Having a film that doesn’t have a website of its own, or at the very least a dedicated page on your personal or production company website, is a missed opportunity for building your audience. Today getting a website setup is very simple and, relatively speaking, inexpensive.

At the bare minimum your website should have a synopsis of the film, a list of key cast and crew, a representative image like a poster for the film, and information on if or when people may be able to watch the film.

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