Film Marketing 101: How to Build an Audience for Your Film

Ideally, when you’re marketing the release of your film, you should have all of those things plus a trailer for the film; links to where people can watch it; links to any press you’ve gotten for the film; your press kit to share with said press when you’re pitching your film to be covered by them; behind the scenes photos; production stills; a blog that at minimum is announcing screenings, festival acceptances, and release dates; and anything else that might entice potential viewers. You might also consider a newsletter signup form so you can alert interested parties of screenings down the line. Mailchimp[6] is great for this, and provides an easy-to-embed form.

Where You Can Setup a Website

You can setup your website with any number of services. Some popular Content Management Systems (CMS) for building websites for films include:

  • Wordpress[7] – a mature platform that is in use by a significant number of sites (33% of the internet!). The least expensive option, starting at $5/month at It’s free to download and install on another host server, if you’re technically inclined…but compared to the options below, it requires more tech savviness.  
  • Squarespace[8] – another mature platform but with a drag and drop interface that is more comfortable for those who are less technically inclined. Very easy to use, sleek looking, and great customer service. Starts at $12/month.
  • Wix[9] – a slightly newer option with an easy to use drag and drop interface. Starts at $11/month.

You’ll need to register a domain name for your project, too. If possible, get the title of your film. If you can’t do that, try the title of your film plus “film” or “-film,” “thefilm,” “-thefilm,” “movie,” “themovie,” or some similar variation. Whatever you choose here, try to keep it consistent with your social handles!

WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace services offer for you to register your domain name, but you may also want to try[10].

Social Media for Your Film

Social Media is a tricky beast to tame. What platforms to use and how to use them really varies a lot depending on your personal preferences and where the audience might live for your project. There is a good argument for having at least a presence on the three major platforms Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Some people don’t trust Facebook, some don’t understand Twitter.  In my opinion, you should use all three, but Instagram is the most vital tool because it’s visually oriented and where a lot of filmmakers, and film fans, hang out.

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