Film Marketing 101: How to Build an Audience for Your Film

Your Instagram strategy starts with your profile. Choose a profile name that matches your website URL. Include your logline for the film and the current production status in the description. Link to your website. As with everything here, if you can get started before production begins, even better.

Your Instagram posting should be focused on your project. If you’re getting started during pre-production, share teasing shots of the script, wardrobe tests, make-up tests, photos of crew or cast prepping, and so on. During production get photos of people setting up for shots, actors rehearsing, the slate, cool gear you’re using, cool props and other things that you might find interesting if you were scrolling Instagram. When you hit post-production share the timeline of the project in the editing platform your editor is using, show us your editor diligently cutting, the film, show your sound mixer getting that footstep just right, show screenshots from the color grade, and anything else that might entice people to want to know more about the project. Once you’re headed out to festivals or distribution, share poster images and trailers and go back share more from pre-production, production, and post.

The idea is to give as many people as possible a hook to get interested in your project. Not everyone is interested in the same parts of a film. So, share what you’re doing and let the audience find you.

Leveraging Instagram Features

Beyond the typical feed posts, experiment with the more temporary posts to Instagram Stories and Instagram Live to try and build more interactivity with your audience. Share a tour of a cool location on Instagram Live and tell the people watching what you’ll be shooting that day. Alternatively, share an update from film festival’s you’re attending.

One thing that helps immensely with Instagram and building your audience is hashtagging. Hashtag every post. You have up to 30 hashtags. Use as many of them as you reasonably can. You don’t have to have 30 on every post if you start adding irrelevant tags or tags no one else uses, it won’t help you much. Include hashtags related to indie film, the stage of production you’re in, related to the person/gear/prop that is the subject of the photo, and hashtags related to the location.

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