Film Marketing 101: How to Build an Audience for Your Film

Another thing you really should do with Instagram is set it up as a business profile. A business profile gives you access to metrics to track performance and the ability to schedule your Instagram posts from third party services. In order to have an Instagram business profile you need to link the Instagram account to your Facebook account and a Facebook page dedicated to your film.

Facebook Strategy

Facebook for filmmakers can be rough if you’re not already very active and have a lot of people you interact with. What it comes down to is Facebook pages for films have some reach but many people who choose to “like” the page, will never see your posts. Outreach on Facebook from your page, for your film, can be difficult.

Facebook is most useful for marketing your film as first a place for people who are looking for your film to find it. It’s a popular platform. If people hear about you or your film, they will come looking for you on Facebook. So, even if Facebook isn’t a major part of how you want to market the film, it helps to have a page and to keep it active enough someone looking for the film has something to work with. Also, as stated, you need a Facebook Page to have an Instagram Business profile and open up more Instagram features.

Make sure when people visit the page they have something to look at. Have a strong representative image for the page’s profile photo and a strong image for the page’s header image. You can also use a video, for example your film’s trailer, in the place of the page’s header image. Fill out all of the Page’s about section.

Your presence on Facebook may not be about directly promoting from your page. Try and share to your Facebook Page for the film with some regularity but understand you may not see strong results. Participating in Facebook Groups and sharing your content to those communities can bring you better results as far as outreach about your film. Facebook’s Events function is also really helpful for organizing around your screenings and raising awareness of them.

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