Film Marketing 101: How to Build an Audience for Your Film

When there is an event around your film, even if you’re not using it to sell tickets or get RSVPs for the event itself Eventbrite[17] can be useful for getting attention of people looking for an event to attend in the area you’re hosting the event. While it’s not a social media platform exactly, it can directly link to your Facebook Page and you can connect a Facebook Event with an Eventbrite event and use that to drive tickets or RSVPs.

Scheduling is Your Friend

When it comes to all three major platforms, the ability to schedule your promotional posts ahead of time is a huge help. This is built into Facebook Pages, so you can schedule any post you set up on the page. For Twitter and Instagram you need to use third party services. These services will often also interface with Facebook, so they can give you a one stop shop for scheduling your social media posts. Some good third party tools include

Scheduling should not be the only way you participate on these social media platforms, though. Use it to make sure you’re doing your promotion so you can spend time on the platforms interacting and participating in the communities.

For more on how to better use Social Media as a filmmaker try Julie Keck and Jessica King’s Book: Social Media Charm School[18]

PR, Press, and Reviews for Your Film

People talking about your film is a benefit to you. Any film website, reviewer, or podcaster has their own audience they are trying to reach and some of that audience can become your audience.

Reach out to press that’s relevant to your film. There are plenty of film related sites available. Most lean on reviews. Take a look at Twitter and see what film reviewers have active profiles and note what their site is and appropriate ways of contacting them.

How to Find Press

Another way to look for people who may want to cover your film is to leverage IMDB and that it lists online Critic Reviews for films. Go to films like yours or that your producer, director of photography, or lead actors worked on and reach out to every critic who wrote about those films pitching your film and mentioning the connection between your film and the one you found on IMDB.

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