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Film Press Release Format[1]

(Name of the director) comes the (Name of the movie with a short one-line description).

The upcoming (discussion about the theme of the film and the location of the launch). (Name of the film) is a (the storyline of the film and its basis on a specific issue hitting a specific sector of society).

 (Name of the film) will premiere (day, date, time and location of the screening). Immediately following the premiere (mention about the panel for the press conference after the screening).

The CEO of (words about the film by different sponsors of the film). The goal (the major goal of the film to reach the audience). It showcases (explanation of the idea behind the film).

The film features (mention the special features of the film, for ex. Use of different voices). The debutant actors (Name of the actors playing an important role). The director (his views on the special screening). The goal (the idea of the director behind the screening).

A trailer (link to the trailer). Sponsors supporting (Names of the all the sponsors including associating sponsors, supporting sponsors, corporate sponsors and presenting sponsors).  The release date (release date of the movie). The release copies (availability of the release copies after the film release)


Film Press Release Template[2]

The following press release example[3] shows how to write a Film Press Release:



Film exploring the gender gap will debut April 5



(From the legendary director and co-founder Robin Herald) comes the film (PIN, talking about the gender gap in America). The upcoming (feature-length documentary film PIN – removing the gender gap will make its world premiere at the London Film Festival presented by AP and P). (PIN documentary) is a (the relevant and timely documentary exploring why American women, girls, and minorities do not pursue careers in Science and Technology despite high demand and increasing opportunities).

(PIN documentary) will premiere (on Sunday, April 5, at 7:00 p.m. Vella at Spring Studios, 50 Zurich Street, New York). Immediately following the premiere, (PIN director and Producer Robin Herald will join executives from leading companies on a panel to explore the issue and discuss what industry can offer to explore the gender gap).

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