How to Write a Movie Press Release Announcement | Sample Template & Example

Press Release Zen gives you a comprehensive framework for writing movie press releases to follow from start to finish. This framework will help you boost the readability and power of your press release. It will equip you with the necessary tools to reach your marketing and public relations goals and as a result, help you gain viewing audience.

Stick to this guidance if you want to achieve success.

Let’s dive deeper into the specifics of a professionally written movie press release announcement.

Your Press Release should include the following information:

    • Catchy headline
    • Details about the movie
      • title
      • distribution company
      • main actors, actresses
      • synopsis of the movie
      • genre and more details about the plot
      • filming location
      • director
      • release date
    • Quote  – critic, actor/actress, director (recommended)
    • Relevant image: movie poster, cast, director (recommended)
    • Company website URL
    • Release date
    • Dateline
    • Boilerplate – about the distribution or production company;
  • Contact information (contact person, company address, phone)


Have a look at the following sample press release and try to take note of all important elements: structure, style, wording. Once you have a better idea of how your press release should sound and look like, you can start crafting yours.

Romantic Comedy “Attraction” by Johnson & NOVA Group to be Released Nationwide in December

San Francisco, CA, Release: September 1, 2018. For Immediate Release

The premiere of the latest Victoria Johnson’s film “Attraction”, which is co-produced by PressReleaseZen and NOVA, will take over the cinemas in San Francisco on 23 December 2018. Actress and singer Joan Marine, together with Alex Yugo are the leading actors of the movie.

Nicole Fisher makes her debut with a role in the new Victoria Johnson’s movie  “Attraction”.
Rachael Smith revealed the trailer of the movie last week in Sheraton Hotel.
The movie “Attraction “is a romantic comedy that has a lot of humor and at the same time lots of passions, intrigue, ambition and power struggles.

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