How To Write A Press Release For a Film

Once your press release is completed it’s extremely important that you give the release to the different media outlets first thing in the morning. A release submitted in the middle of the day will most likely not be looked at as the producer or news editor has already decided what news stories are going to be presented for the day. And if there was any chance your story would’ve been included in the day’s news had you turned it in earlier it will most likely be lost in the shuffle or forgotten by days end. To avoid having your press release being buried beneath stacks of papers and folders (regardless of when you turn it in) print your release on a distinctive type of paper that is either heavier, colorful or both.

Like anything else in life, don’t expect everyone to be impressed by your “news” and press release. Some magazines might not specialize in the news you’re promoting while television stations and newspapers may have just too many “hard” news stories and cannot fit yours in the day’s news. However, by sticking to the basics of writing press releases you’re one step closer to getting your film noticed!


Raindance Film Festival                    (Company Logo)                     

The Raindance Centre
10 Craven Street
London WC2N 5PE

+44 (0)20 7930 3412


For More Information

John Doe
PR Director
+44 (0)12 3456 7890 (office)
+44 (0) 09 8765 4321 (cell)[3]



Location – Date – Summary news lead (the five W’s and H) and Benefit statement (who cares?).

Info/action statement (where to get more info. or how to take advantage of the news)

Secondary details (expand on first paragraph)

Background (history of the news item)
Organizational ID (aka “boilerplate”)

About The Author

Brett Welcher was a student at Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY, USA) where studied Public Relations at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. He is interned at the Raindance Film Festival the summer or 2007 and thoroughly enjoyed his time working with professionals and learning about different aspects of the film industry. In the fall of 2007 Brett returned to the States where he will be finishing his last year in school.

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